Add a sub-taskflow

What is a sub-taskflow?

A sub-taskflow is a taskflow that is included as a task within an existing taskflow.

A sub-taskflow can contain its own flow of tasks.

When a sub-taskflow task is encountered, Kotive "goes into" that sub-taskflow and executes its first task. The flow in the main (or parent) taskflow will only resume once the sub-taskflow's tasks have been completed.

  1. In the Designer, after you’ve selected your existing taskflow, add a sub-taskflow by clicking on the “+” button in the panel on the left.

  2. You’ll see a grid of available tasks. Select the sub-taskflow, give it a label and save. (E.g. Training)

  3. The newly added sub-taskflow is added to your main taskflow. Click on the sub-taskflow. You are now within the sub-taskflow and can start to add the individual tasks to the sub-taskflow in exactly the same way as you would add any other task.

  4. Click on the gear icon to see and add conditions to the sub-taskflow in the same way you would normally add conditions to any task.

  5. Click on the UP arrow to exit the sub-taskflow and return to the main taskflow.

Sub-taskflows in sub-taskflows...

You can add sub-taskflows within existing sub-taskflows.