The Business Process Savings Calculator

Should you automate your business processes?

Use our calculator to see how much you can save by automating repetitive & manual tasks.

What is involved in your work?
Examples: copying & pasting customer information into systems or sheets, sending personalized confirmation emails, getting real-time shipping rates, moving files into folders in Google Drive, verifying information, sending a 'thank you' SMS, updating your Mailchimp mailing list, tracking a parcel, generate a PDF attendance certificate, etc.

How much can you save?
If these manual & repetitive tasks were automated, you would
free up
& save every month.

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Our thinking on automation:

By identifying and automating repetitive tasks in your business processes you will reduce the amount of manual input needed to do the work and minimize human error. Nobody has ever flourished while mindlessly copy&pasting customer details from Excel to Outlook.

You will free up and enable your team to focus on more productive work, making your business more competitive in turn.

You will be able to increase your business' capacity to handle larger volumes of work and serve more customers.

You will be able to analyze your automated processes and identify areas that can be improved.

You will be more agile - able to adapt to changes in the market much quicker. What worked yesterday may not work tomorrow.

Automate. Every second counts.