Build & run processes for your business

Handle large volumes
Handle large volumes
Have operational solutions with built-in flexibility to increase your capacity and handle volumes.
Be informed at all times
Be informed at all times
Make better decisions by having access to the right information at the right time.
Easy and uncomplicated

Kotive makes it easy and uncomplicated to build workflows that automate repetitive tasks, give people feedback through timely notifications, and show forms when people's input is needed along the way.

"We all agree Kotive has sped up our processes and improved accuracy - only downside is that we miss out on our vitality steps due to not walking to the accounts department."
~ Sandra Case, JvR

Design custom workflows

You know your business processes best.
Now build your own workflows that fit your business like a glove. No programming required!

String tasks together in workflows
Get input from people with forms
Create powerful conditions that control flow
Integrate with third-party web services

Need help to get started designing your workflows? It's easier than you think.
Watch our instructional video: The Field Guide to Agile Workflow Design

Run your workflows

Kotive keeps track of which task is next in your workflow, so you can focus on the important things in life.

Get your work done
Involve your team members
Publicly share workflows on social media

Get started with Workflow Templates

Hit the "Clone" button & get a quick start with one of our ready-made, customizable workflow solutions.


Integrate your favorite web tools as tasks in your workflows, and make-work-flow even better!

See the list of Integrations and how to add them into your workflows.