Integrate Mailchimp in your workflows


What does Mailchimp do?

Mailchimp helps marketers to send bulk emails to customers. It manages subscriber lists, builds email campaigns, and generates campaign reports.


Use Mailchimp in Kotive

People can apply for a specific position or association, e.g. becoming a member of a club; or speaking at a conference.

The application process is automatically directed through a number of steps that include review and acceptance, or rejection.

All of these steps are managed in a workflow and at the end the approved applicant’s details can automatically be added to a mailing list in Mailchimp for future marketing purposes.

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Mailchimp tasks available in Kotive

Add or update a list member

Add a new member to your Mailchimp mailing list, or update the member with new changes if they already exist.

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Ideas & examples

A workflow solution that uses Mailchimp in the above mentioned way is new membership. The workflow automatically adds the newly approved member to the club's mailing list in Mailchimp.

You can also add Mailchimp as a task at the end of the personal trainer sign-up workflow, so every trainee receives your monthly newsletter.


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