Integrate DocRaptor in your workflows


What does DocRaptor do?

You just send an HTML template document to DocRaptor, and get back a high quality PDF or XLS file.


Use DocRaptor in Kotive

During the flow of your tasks, information specific to that workflow is gathered and generated.

At a given point you might want to pull-in a selection of this information and present it in a formal PDF document. It is at this time that you include DocRaptor as a task in your workflow.

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DocRaptor tasks available in Kotive

Render a PDF

Take an HTML template, add dynamic fields from within your workflow and get a beautiful, high-quality PDF, ready for use in the next steps of your workflow.

Render an XLS file

Take an HTML table, add dynamic fields from within your workflow and get an XLS or XLSX file to use in the next steps of your workflow.

The next step?

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Then add and connect DocRaptor tasks to your workflows.


Ideas & examples

In the preschooler evaluation workflow, the teacher evaluates the children on 6 different development areas. At the end of the year, the evaluation of each child is pulled-in from the different fields and a beautiful PDF report is created with DocRaptor.

Include DocRaptor as a task in the billing for gardening service workflow, directly after the first form, to generate a PDF invoice. Then, instead of detailing the invoice in the email, include the link to the new PDF invoice in the email.


Mix and match integrations

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