Integrate Campaign Monitor in your workflows


What does Campaign Monitor do?

With Campaign Monitor you can turn customers into loyal fans with personalized email campaigns and automated customer journeys.

Campaign Monitor offers easy-to-use tools to help drive real, bottom line, business results.


Use Campaign Monitor in Kotive

Always ensure that your subscriber mailing list remains fresh.

Add new customers to your subscriber list, update their details or unsubscribe them, as part of your workflow.

Get any subscriber's details, their open and click history, as well as overall statistics for your subscriber lists.

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Campaign Monitor tasks available in Kotive

Add a new subscriber

Add a new subscriber to your email campaign on a instance-by-instance basis or update the subscriber with new changes if they already exist.

Update a subscriber

Update any aspect of an existing subscriber, including email address, name, and custom field data if supplied.

Unsubscribe a subscriber

Unsubscribe a subscriber from an existing subscriber list.

Delete a subscriber

The deleted subscriber will no longer receive campaigns sent to the subscriber list to which they belong.

Get a subscriber's details

Get a subscriber's details including their email address, name, active/inactive state, and any custom field data.

Get a subscriber's history

Get a historical record of campaigns received, opened and clicked by a subscriber.

Get statistics for lists

Get a comprehensive summary of key statistics for any subscriber list.

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Ideas & examples

Include Campaign Monitor as a task in your workflow to add a subscriber as soon as a new customer places an online order. Your new customer can now be kept up to date with product releases and sale events.

Gather a subscriber's profile details and history in preparation for having a sales conversation.

Unsubscribe a subscriber from your subscriber list at the end of a complaint resolution workflow.


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