Integrate Clickatell in your workflows


What does Clickatell do?

Clickatell is a bulk SMS service provider that helps you send SMS messages from your applications to customers anywhere in the world by using their SMS platform. You can use it for SMS marketing, one-time PINs (OTPs), notifications and SMS alerts.


Use Clickatell in Kotive

During the flow of your tasks, you want to notify the right person at the right time when they need to complete a task.

These notifications are usually sent as emails, but under certain conditions you might want to send them as SMSs instead of, or in addition to, the email notifications.

Easy, just include Clickatell as a 'notification task' in your workflow.

As usual in Kotive, the message of the SMS can be kept contextually relevant by pulling in fields from previous tasks. Then use the Clickatell task to send an SMS notification when certain conditions in you workflow are triggered.

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Clickatell tasks available in Kotive

Send an SMS

Send a notification to someone's mobile phone via SMS.

The next step?

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Then add and connect Clickatell tasks to your workflows.


Ideas & examples

In the extended procurement workflow, the manager could receive an SMS alert when the employee indicates that the purchase request is urgent (in the first task).

The call for papers workflow could be amended so that when an applicant submits their proposal to present at the conference, a marketing SMS is sent that informs him/her of a different event that you are also hosting.

Information from fields in earlier tasks can be pulled-in to create a unique passcode that can be sent by SMS to a person.


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