Integrate Currencylayer in your workflows


What does Currencylayer do?

Currencylayer is a reliable exchange rate and currency conversion tool.

Currency data is collected from various commercial sources and banks.


Use Currencylayer in Kotive

Include Currencylayer as a task in your workflow to convert currencies using real-time or historical exchange rates.

Get exchange rates for a specific source currency, for a specific time-frame.

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Currencylayer tasks available in Kotive

Change currencies in specific time-frame

Change one or more currencies, relative to a source currency, within a specific time-frame.

Convert a currency

Convert a single currency.

Convert a currency using historical rates

Convert a currency using accurate historical exchange rate data for every day of the last 16 years.

Get exchange rates for a time-frame

Get exchange rates for a time-period of your choice.

Get exchange rates in real-time

Automatically get the latest foreign exchange rates.

Get historical rates

Get exchange rates for a date of your choice.

Switch the source currency

Quote against a different currency.

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Ideas & examples

Include Currencylayer as a task in your workflow to switch the source currency, e.g. provide a quote for a customer in another country. Instead of quoting in US dollars, you are able to switch the currency to British pounds. This will increase your customer base as it is easier for customers to be quoted in their own currency rather than in a foreign currency.


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