Integrate Currencylayer

We’ll assume that you already know how to add tasks to a workflow and have added the ‘Convert a currency’ currencylayer task to your workflow.

Integrating currencylayer with Kotive happens in two steps:

  1. Connect your currencylayer account
  2. Setup the ‘Convert a currency’ currencylayer task

1. Connect your currencylayer account:

  1. In your workflow in Kotive, select the currencylayer task and navigate to the Account details tab.

  2. Select the green button that says Connect your currencylayer account now.

    Connect your currencylayer account now

  3. Name the account under Account label - the email address that you use for your currencylayer account would work well as a way to identify it.

    Name the account

  4. To locate your API Key, log into your currencylayer account.

  5. Copy your API Key.

    Copy the API Key

  6. Next, head back to your Kotive tab, and Paste your API Key in the API key field. Click the green Save button in the bottom right-hand corner.

    Paste the API Key

Your currencylayer account has now been connected to your workflow.

2. Setup the 'Convert a currency' currencylayer task:

  1. Select the currencylayer tab of the ‘Convert a currency’ currencylayer task.

    Setup the task

  2. Under Convert from, enter the currency you want to do the conversion from e.g. ‘USD’.

  3. Under Convert to, enter the currency you want to convert to e.g. ‘GBP’.

  4. Under Amount to convert, enter the amount you want to convert e.g. ‘1254’.

Done! You have now fully integrated your currencylayer account with your Kotive workflow. When a workflow runs, amounts entered into the workflow with be converted by currencylayer.


You can add conditions to your currencylayer tasks in the same manner as with any of the other tasks in your workflow.