Integrate Google Analytics

We’ll assume that you already know how to add tasks to a workflow and have added the ‘Track an event’ Google Analytics task to your workflow.

Integrating Google Analytics with Kotive happens in two steps:

  1. Connect your Google Analytics account
  2. Setup the ‘Track an event’ Google Analytic task

1. Connect your Google Analytics account:

  1. In your workflow in Kotive, select the Google Analytics task and navigate to the Account details tab.

  2. Select the green button that says Connect your Googleanalytics account now.

    Connect your Googleanalytics account now

  3. Name the account under Account label - the email address that you use for your Google Analytics account would work well as a way to identify it.

    Name the account

  4. To locate your Tracking ID, log into your Google Analytics account.

  5. Select the Admin tab.

    Select Admin

  6. Select an account from the dropdown in the ACCOUNT column.

    Select account in dropdown

  7. Select a property from the dropdown in the PROPERTY column.

    Select property in dropdown

  8. Under PROPERTY, click Tracking Info then Tracking Code.

    Click on tracking code

  9. Copy the Tracking ID.

    Copy the tracking ID

  10. Next, head back to your Kotive tab, and Paste your Tracking ID in the Tracking ID field. Click the green Save button in the bottom right-hand corner.

    Paste the tracking ID

Your Google Analytic account has now been connected to your workflow.

2. Setup the 'Track an event' Google Analytic task:

  1. Select the Googleanalytics tab of the ‘Track an event’ Google Analytic task.

    Setup the task

  2. Under Category, name the category you want to group objects in that you want to track.

  3. Under Action, name the action which is the type of event or interaction you want to track for a particular web object. For example, with a single “Videos” category, you can track a number of specific events with this parameter, such as: - “Play” button clicks, “Stop” button clicks, “Pause” button clicks etc.

  4. Under Label, name the label which can be additional information for events that you want to track. E.g. movie title for the ‘video’ category.

  5. Under Value, name the value This will assign a numerical value to a tracked page object. For example, you could use it to provide the time in seconds for a player to load.

Done! You have now fully integrated your Google Analytics account with your Kotive workflow. When a workflow runs, user interactions will be tracked as events within your linked Google Analytics account.


You can add conditions to your Google Analytics tasks in the same manner as with any of the other tasks in your workflow.