Integrate Clickatell

We’ll assume that you already know how to add tasks to a workflow and have added the Clickatell task to your workflow.

Integrating Clickatell with Kotive happens in two steps:

  1. Connect your Clickatell account
  2. Setup the Clickatell task

1. Connect your Clickatell account:

  1. In your workflow in Kotive, select the Clickatell task and navigate to the Account details tab.

  2. Select the green button that says Connect your Clickatell account now.

  3. Name the account under Account label - the email address that you use for your Clickatell account would work well as a way to identify it.

  4. Log into your Clickatell account (Please note: Kotive only works with Developers’ Central accounts).

  5. Click on the APIs menu and select Set up a new API.

  6. Click on Add REST API.

  7. Copy the Auth Token that displays on the next page.

  8. Head back to Kotive and paste the Auth Token into the Authentication token field.

  9. Click Save in the bottom right-hand corner of the window.

Your Clickatell account has now been connected to your workflow.

2. Setup the Clickatell task:

  1. Navigate to the Clickatell tab of the Clickatell task.

  2. Enter one or more mobile numbers in Send to these mobile numbers using dynamic field tags (or insert your own mobile number if you want to receive notifications by SMS).

  3. Type in the content of the SMS under Message. You can pull in information from earlier in the workflow using dynamic field tags.

Done! You have now fully integrated your Clickatell account with your Kotive workflow. When a workflow runs, an SMS will be sent to the mobile number/s of your choice.