Add dynamic field tags

Dynamic field tags allow you to add dynamic information to workflow fields.

You can pull-in information from fields in earlier tasks and the names and email addresses of people involved with the workflow.

Three kinds of dynamic field tags:

1. Standard tags

In the Designer, start by typing a curly bracket { into the field where you want to pull-in the dynamic information.

A list of fields from other tasks in the workflow appears. Continue to type the first couple of characters of the desired field’s label. Only fields that match those characters will be shown in the list. Press ENTER to select the field you want to insert.

The correct dynamic field tag will be inserted into the field.

As soon as you click outside the field you will see the “human-friendly” field label in gray.

2. Logged-in person tags

When typing a curly bracket { you’ll notice that the last 3 options in the list is the firstname, lastname and email of the logged-in person. This is the person who would be interacting with or using the workflow at that time.

3. Advanced tags

Advanced tags are needed if the field it pulls-in information from, is a radiobutton or select (dropdown) field that displays a predefined list of people.

We’ll illustrate with an example. In our first task the user selected a person from a select (dropdown) of managers that pulled in people who have the role of “Manager” assigned to them.

In the second task we want to send an email to the manager who was selected in the first task. In the Designer, type the curly bracket { in the “to” field of the “email” task and select the field “Who is your manager?”.

Similar to other standard tags, the tag {field.value:****} is inserted where **** represents a unique identifier in Kotive.

Now manually change this tag to {{field.value:****}}.

This advanced tag will pull-in the email address of the person who has been selected in the “Who is your manager?” field that we first pulled-in using the curly bracket.

You can pull-in the person’s properties with the following tags:

Person’s propertyTag