Integrate Segment in your workflows


What does Segment do?

Segment is a single platform that collects, stores, and routes user data to all your different analytics tools.

You just send your data to them and they translate the data into a 'language' each tool understands.


Use Segment in Kotive

A workflow can provide a wealth of data that can be analyzed.

By sending your analyzed data through Segment to your analytics tools, you can make better informed decisions, since you have access to the right information at the right time.

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Segment tasks available in Kotive

Track an event

Record an action a user performs (like saving a specific form or progressing past a certain point in a workflow).

Track a screen view

Record whenever a user sees a specific screen (usually used for mobile apps).

Track a page view

Record whenever a user sees a specific page (usually used for websites).

Identify a user

Identify a user with a unique identifier (an email address, ID number, full name, etc.).

Group a user

Add a user to a group, in order to separate data easily (e.g. Lecturer's vs. Students, etc.).

Alias - merge identities

Compound two separate user identities into one single user (e.g. and

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Ideas & examples

Include Segment as a task in your workflow to track events (e.g. a person's progress during an application process), track when the person sees a specific form, identify a person with a distinct characteristic (e.g. fullname, email address, etc.), associate the person with a group (e.g. Lecturer's vs. Students, etc.) or combine two different user identities into one single user (e.g. and


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