Integrate Mandrill in your workflows


What does Mandrill do?

Send personalized, one-to-one e-commerce emails, and automated transactional emails with Mandrill.

Transactional email services send one email to one recipient and are usually triggered by the recipient's actions.


Use Mandrill in Kotive

Kotive includes transactional emails that you can add as tasks in your workflows by default.

These emails can be notification emails, confirmation emails sent after placing orders, welcome messages to new members, and any other kind of email.

Conditions help you to define the triggers that would determine when an email is sent.

However, these emails are generic.

If you want to personalize your emails with your business's branding and 'from' email address, then this is where the integration with Mandrill becomes invaluable.

To use Mandrill outside of Kotive, you would need programmers to set these transactional emails up properly.

On the other hand, Mandrill is already included in Kotive and you do NOT need any help from a programmer!

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Mandrill tasks available in Kotive

Send an email

Replace Kotive's standard emails with your custom emails that include your brand, logo and signature.
Send emails from your personalized email address.
Get in-depth analytics in Mandrill.

The next step?

Sign up for free.
Then add and connect Mandrill tasks to your workflows.


Ideas & examples

A workflow that can use Mandrill in the above-mentioned way is Billing for garden service. Simply replace any/all of the email tasks in the workflow with Mandrill tasks, and your emails will be customizable and sent from the email address of your choice.


Mix and match integrations

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