Integrate Hunter in your workflows


What does Hunter do?

Hunter is the easiest way to find email addresses from anywhere on the web.

Find email addresses through a domain search or by using the first name, last name and company website. You can also determine the validity and deliverability of any email address.


Use Hunter in Kotive

Find and verify individual email addresses, search for email addresses within a specific domain or count the number of email addresses for a company, as tasks within your workflow.

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Hunter tasks available in Kotive

Count emails in domain

Count how many email addresses exists for one domain.

Find an email

Generate the most likely email address from a domain name, a first name and a last name.

Verify an email

Verify the deliverability of an email address.

The next step?

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Ideas & examples

Include Hunter as a task in your workflow to count emails in a domain to automatically estimate the size of a company. Also verify email addresses of new customers, to increase your open rates and reduce bounce rates.


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