Integrate Google Sheets in your workflows


What does Google Sheets do?

It is web-based software with which you and your team can create and edit spreadsheets online while collaborating with one another in real-time.


Use Google Sheets in Kotive

The 'live workflow view' in Kotive is similar to a Google spreadsheet - available online for real-time collaboration.

You can select which fields in your workflow need to be displayed in the live workflow view and use the 'Quickfilter' to find the information (workflows) you're looking for.

Currently you cannot apply formulas on the data (fields) in the live workflow view. If you need to work with formulas then it makes sense to add Google Sheets as a task in your workflow. You gather information with your workflow and then add this information automatically as a new row to your Google spreadsheet. Also handy for creating charts and graphs!

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Google Sheets tasks available in Kotive

Add a new row to a sheet

Gather information with your workflow and add it to a Google spreadsheet, using dynamic fields.

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Ideas & examples

You could enhance the billing for gardening service workflow by adding Google Sheets as a task after the penultimate task. The details of each payment received can then be added as a new row to your sheet.


Mix and match integrations

Add more of your favorite SaaS apps as tasks in your workflows.