Integrate Mailboxlayer in your workflows


What does Mailboxlayer do?

Mailboxlayer thoroughly checks and verifies email addresses.

Enter the email that needs to be verified and Mailboxlayer performs the necessary checks to measure the email's deliverability potential.


Use Mailboxlayer in Kotive

Many workflows involve collecting an email address through a form in order to communicate with that user later in the workflow.

By including Mailboxlayer as a task in the workflow, you can verify that the email address is valid in order to filter out potential fraudulent users. This will increase your email delivery success rates especially if you use Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor or any other of our email integrations.

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Mailboxlayer tasks available in Kotive

Validate email address

Thoroughly check and verify an email address.

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Ideas & examples

Include Mailboxlayer as a task in your workflow to validate email addresses, e.g. the email address of a new customer signing up for your workshop or the person responsible for paying an invoice. This will increase your open rates and reduce bounce rates for your business.


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