During a specific CPD reporting period, a Representative might only require a limited number of CPD hours/points (instead of the default 18 hours/points) due to e.g. sickness or pro-rata allocation of CPD hours.

These CPD exceptions can now be managed in Kotive.

Where can you find the CPD Exceptions?

In Kotive, select “Competence & CPD” in the main menu, then choose “CPD Exceptions”. (You will only see this menu item if you are responsible to manage compliance for the FSP or the Key Individual role has been assigned to your profile.)

Add a CPD exception record detailing the required CPD hours/points for a person, select the appropriate period and add an explanatory note.

Note: a CPD Exception record needs to be manually added to each FSP for the person.


There are 3 reports where the CPD exception will be displayed:

  • The Fit & Proper section on the person’s profile. It will also include the note.
  • The FSP’s CPD Report (in PDF). The summary page will show e.g. “9 of 12” CPD hours instead of the default “9 of 18”. The note that was recorded in the CPD Exception record is displayed on the person’s page that contains the rest of the details of their CPD training records.
  • The FSP’s CPD Report (in Excel).