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Managing exceptions to the required CPD hours →

During a specific CPD reporting period, a Representative might only require a limited number of CPD hours/points (instead of the default 18 hours/points) due to e.g. sickness or pro-rata allocation of CPD hours.

These CPD exceptions can now be managed in Kotive.

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How to refresh a Single Page Application (SPA) →

The Kotive web app pulses the server every 5 minutes to check if any new version of the app has become available in the meantime.

Until recently, we displayed a notification when an improved version of the app became available. The person needed to click the “Refresh now” button in order to refresh the page and get the latest version of the web app.

When the page refreshed, a brand new version of the web app would be loaded from the server and the person would then proceed with the task they wanted to do next. This new version was then cached in the browser for faster access in future.

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Archiving a person's profile →

Sometimes, instead of deleting a person from the “People” section, and with them all the information related to their profile, you might want or need to keep a copy of that information although not inside Kotive.

You can now archive a person’s profile. One of the reasons you might need to archive a person’s profile would be for regulatory purposes - storing the information for a period of 3 or 5 years.

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Automated task retries in workflows →

One of the issues that you may (or will) encounter when integrating other apps and services as tasks in your workflows is that these integrations sometimes fail. You might only notice that a specific workflow instance has failed a couple of days or weeks after the event occured…

While you can manually retry failed tasks from within Kotive, we also have your back with automated task retries in workflows.

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Use Mandrill and Sparkpost to send transactional emails from your business email address →

The integration of Kotive with both Mandrill and Sparkpost gives you the option to use one of these email service providers to send personalized transactional emails that contain your business’ branding and ‘from’ email address.

Transactional email notifications can range from confirmation emails sent after placing an order, welcoming a new member, confirming registration, giving notice of cancellation, or any other kind of email that is part of your workflow. And it can contain your unique branding.

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Populate your Google Sheet automatically from your workflow →

We have integrated Kotive with Google sheets. You can now gather information using various tasks within your workflow, and then add this information automatically as a new row to your existing Google Sheet.

This is especially valuable if you later want to apply formulas to your data or create meaningful charts and graphs to present at your monthly management review meeting!

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Manual task retries →

Update: Kotive now automatically retries failed tasks in workflows.

We’re all working smarter by letting technology take care of our repetitive tasks, but sometimes things still go wrong.

The service for sending your emails might be down, there might be a problem with the template you use for generating PDFs, or perhaps you made a typo in your automated task’s setup.

If any task in your workflow failed, you’ll see a “Retry?” link instead of the usual link to “Continue” in the “Live Workflows” view.

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Download workflow fields to csv →

You can now export and download a csv file that contains your workflow’s fields from within the ‘Live Workflows’ section.

How? Choose the columns/fields you want to export, then click the ‘Download’ button at the top-right of the page for the download to start. Only the fields you’re currently seeing in the table will be included in your downloaded file.

Click on the green 'Download' button to download the workflow fields into a .csv file
Click on the green 'Download' button to download the workflow fields into a .csv file

Next, you can import the file into Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or Apple Numbers.

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