Sometimes, instead of deleting a person from the “People” section, and with them all the information related to their profile, you might want or need to keep a copy of that information although not inside Kotive.

You can now archive a person’s profile. One of the reasons you might need to archive a person’s profile would be for regulatory purposes - storing the information for a period of 3 or 5 years.

Archiving is a two step process: the first step consists of extracting all the information related to the person and transferring it into an Excel file that is stored securely in the cloud. The Excel file contains the information in separate sheets, making it easier to find what you’re looking.

After the Excel file has been archived, the second step is to permanently delete the person’s profile and related information. This is the similar to when you just delete a person instead of archiving their profile.

The archived file is documented in an “Archived person profiles” report and can be accessed at any time, for the duration of its storage.

Where can you find the “Archive” button? Go to “People” on the main menu. Click on a the “View profile” link next to the person you want to archive. The “Archive” button is located top-right on their profile.

Help, I don’t see the “Archive” button. We need to setup and enable archiving for you. It’s a custom setup per Kotive application and depends on the information linked to your people’s profiles.

How much does it cost? Once-off storage costs apply. It’s pay-as-you-go and the costs will depend on your application in Kotive.

Please talk to us if you’d like us to set up archiving for your people’s profiles. When will also confirm pricing.