One of the issues that you may (or will) encounter when integrating other apps and services as tasks in your workflows is that these integrations sometimes fail. You might only notice that a specific workflow instance has failed a couple of days or weeks after the event occured…

While you can manually retry failed tasks from within Kotive, we also have your back with automated task retries in workflows.

Kotive automatically retries any failed task 15 minutes after it fails the first time. If it is successful, the workflow continues from where it previously failed but if it fails again, we’ll retry it for the second time 30 minutes later. (We double the amount of time we wait between retries everytime we retry the failed task.)

We’ll continue to retry the task up to 7 times over ±2 and a half days before giving up. You can still retry it manually afterwards incase it was something related to the integration that you managed to fix.