Having trouble logging in?

How to login to Kotive

  1. You can either login with your email address and password or login without a password.
  2. If your login details are correct or if you’ve clicked on the passwordless link then you’ll be taken to your last visited account. You can switch to another account if you have access to multiple accounts.

Help, I forgot my password

If you have forgotten your password, there’s an easy way to reset it.

  1. On the login page, click the link “Forgot your password?” link (below the password field).
  2. Fill-in your email address and click the green “Send me reset instructions” button. If your email address exists, we’ll send you an email. Then just follow the password reset instructions in the email.
    Not receiving the password reset email?

Login without a password

  1. Go to the passwordless login page.
  2. Fill-in your email address and click the green “Send me my login link” button. If your email address exists, we’ll send you an email. Just follow the passwordless login instructions in the email to automatically login.
    Not receiving the passwordless login email?

For security reasons you have an hour to click on the link in the email. Thereafter you’ll need to request a new email by repeating the above steps.

Outdated browser

If you get a message that the browser you are using is outdated, then you’ll need to update your existing browser or install a different browser and set it as your default browser. It is a good idea to use Firefox or Chrome as they are automatically kept up to date for security reasons.

Download Firefox or Chrome.

After installing a new browser, your PC’s “default browser” might still be set to the old browser. Any links in emails you click on will continue to open in the old browser until you change your default browser.

See how to set your default browser to Firefox or Chrome.

Forcing a logout

If the app still doesn’t load after a couple of minutes, or you only see the “Loading the app…” spinner, you can try to force a logout before logging in again.

I'm not receiving any emails...

We’ve taken great care to ensure that emails sent from Kotive get delivered to your inbox but sometimes our emails still end up in spam folders. Read why this happens.

What can I do?

If you do not receive an expected email within a couple of minutes:

  1. Check the spam folder in your email application (i.e. Outlook, Gmail, iOS Mail).
  2. Ask your IT to check the spam folder of your company’s mailserver.
  3. Ask your IT to whitelist emails sent from @kotive.com and @email.kotive.com.

Technical details on email delivery at Kotive

  1. Kotive uses Mandrill (a third-party email infrastructure service that specializes in email delivery and delivers billions of emails every month) to send our emails.
  2. Kotive has been verified as a sending domain and SPF and DKIM records have been added to our DNS for authentication.
  3. According to Mandrill our sending reputation is “Excellent”. A positive reputation builds trust, improves deliverability and affects whether our emails are caught by spam filters.

Still unable to login?

You have tried resetting your password, logging in without a password and have verified that you’re using a browser that is up to date but you still cannot login…

  1. Go to whatismybrowser.com.
  2. Click the green “Copy to clipboard” button.
  3. Paste the link into an email and send it to our support email address.