Interviews with Makers (6:09)

We asked 4 people about their experience after designing their first workflows in Kotive

The ‘Continuous professional development’ workflow solution (5:14)

The ‘Continuous professional development’ workflow simplifies the management of training events - no more paperwork, confusion, or forgetting to issue certificates after the training is over. Read the step-by-step guide →

An adaptive workflow (3:42)

Understanding the rules of flow will enable you to design more complex and non-linear workflows.

Introduction tour (1:58)

Get a quick overview of Kotive.

The structure within Kotive (2:37)

Learn about the structure and hierarchy of Maker accounts, Apps, Organizations and Teams.

Interaction with a live workflow (1:45)

After designing your workflow, what will the end-user see and interact with?

Create a workflow (2:46)

How to design a basic workflow.