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Lecturer evaluation feedback

The 'Lecturer evaluation feedback' taskflow helps educational institutions consolidate students' evaluations of lecturers and their service levels. This works in combo with the 'Lecturer evaluation' taskflow, which we shall explain at the beginning of this guide.

A step-by-step guide to Lecturer evaluation feedback

This guide will explain the 'Lecturer evaluation feedback' taskflow step by step.
It makes use of numerous screenshots, but if you'd like to follow along in the Kotive webapp, you can sign up and copy the taskflow into your account for free.
Keep the taskflow open in a separate tab in your browser, and interact with it while reading the steps in this guide.

Section 1: Lecturer evaluation

Before using the 'Lecturer evaluation feedback' taskflow, the taskflow 'Lecturer evaluation' first needs to be completed by students.


This taskflow consists of only one form.

The first part of this form is a paragraph that's titled: !!! IMPORTANT CHANGES you need to make BEFORE running this taskflow: This paragraph contains instructions on how to personalize the taskflow for you and your company. If you intend to run the taskflow, these changes can not be ignored.

A student evaluates a specific lecturer by filling in this form. After the student saves the form, the 'Lecturer evaluation' taskflow is complete.

This is a 'published task' - any student can view and complete this form, they do not have to be a logged-in user.

Section 2: Lecturer evaluation feedback - Compiling feedback

An administrator compiles the feedback from the 'Lecturer evaluation' taskflow, and the department head is notified.

The 'Live Taskflows' view

In order to compile the feedback in the next form task, the user would need to view the 'Live Taskflows' of the 'Lecturer evaluation' taskflow. By setting up the columns to display all of the feedback from the 'Evaluation' form, the user will be able to view all of the data in one convenient location, making compiling the data an easy task.
The 'Live Taskflows' view

Compile feedback

This form also starts with a paragraph titled: !!! IMPORTANT CHANGES you need to make BEFORE running this taskflow:

The 'Lecturer evaluation feedback' taskflow starts when a logged-in Kotive user compiles the feedback received in the 'Lecturer evaluation' taskflow, and fills in this form with the compiled information.
Compile feedback

Notify head of department

The department head receives an email detailing the compiled feedback.

Kotive creates the content of the email by pulling in the details from the previous form.

Let's start by looking at how the email is typed up. There are lots of normal looking text words, but there are also lots of rectangular, shaded in, blocks of text. What's the difference?

Well, the normal text is just that: normal text. There's nothing special about it. But the blocks of text are actually information that is being pulled in from the previous form. If you click on the text area of the email while in the webapp, you'll see that it changes and suddenly looks like a lot of code with lots of curly brackets { } and numbers. This code (also called dynamic field tags) is what tells these fields of text what they're going to end up saying. When this email gets sent to the department head, it won't look like it does now, it will all be normal text, because the taskflow will look at the previous form and put the information from that form into this email.

A link at the bottom of the email directs them to the next form task.
Notify head of department

Section 3: Reviewing the feedback

The department head reviews the feedback, and the lecturer is notified.


This form task has one condition:

Activate this task when...
'Role' IS 'Head of department'

This form can only be viewed and completed by the department head.

The department head reviews the compiled feedback, and gives further feedback to the lecturer.

Inform lecturer

The lecturer receives an email which contains the compiled feedback, along with the feedback given by the department head in the previous form task.
Inform lecturer

After the 'Inform lecturer' email is sent, the 'Lecturer evaluation feedback' taskflow is complete.
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