Barney spent a lot of time at the gym. He was trim, he was fit and he was serious about staying that way. And that made him a great advert for b’Arnie’s Bootcamp, a public fitness training establishment that he’d set up a few years ago. There were lots of people wanting to firm up and enjoy a healthier life in a leaner body and b’Arnie’s was popular.

His website was doing quite well and he had a great following on various social media platforms — the gym was a hive of activity. That was great because the subscriptions were covering costs, but Barney needed to expand with squash courts and a pool in order to stay ahead of his competition. Subscriptions alone weren’t going to cover those cost. So he spoke with his business partners who did a little research and the top solution popped up: Build up your personal training service!

The solution sounded great, and it didn’t take long to update his social media profiles to ‘puff’ personal training. But despite Barney’s infectious passion for training, he was about as interested in office and admin work as he was about suits and ties. If you showed him a list of things that needed to be done in the office, he’d respond with a two-hour workout.

Two things worried him:

  1. Would people even bother to call up and make an appointment?
  2. If they did call, would he have the time to take down all their details, would he remember to ask all the right questions and, this was the biggest one, would he be disciplined enough to process the inquiries and convert them into paying personal training appointments?

What he needed was a solution that would increase his response rate and reduce his to-do list down to the bare essentials!

It just so happened that his buddy, Sylvester from across the state had recently had a similar problem. He told Barney all about it.

“This system is so smooth, man! It’s already set up and only needs a tiny tweak that you can handle in no time! (…or you could ask Jr. to take a minute off his basketball warm-up time.) You just put a link on your social media profile — hey, the dude’s already browsing your website clicking here there and everywhere, what’s one more click?! And when he does, he’s asked to fill out a short form with his personal details, what his training goals are and which days he can come for training. He hits ‘SAVE’ and the ball’s rolling!

Signing up for personal trainer sessions
Signing up for personal trainer sessions

“So then you jump out of bed in the morning and whilst you’re drinking your first protein shake, you check your emails, see who they want to be trained by and type in that trainer’s name and email address. Easy! Then you hit ‘Continue’ and give your trainers a shout and tell them to check their emails too.”

When a new person signs up this email is sent to Barney
When a new person signs up this email is sent to Barney

“They check their day planner, fill in which slots they can do and then hit ‘Continue’!”

The email that’s sent to the personal trainer
The email that’s sent to the personal trainer

“And quick as that, the appointment lands back with the one who needs to shed some pounds. Smart, sweet and super-easy!”

The customer gets a confirmation email
The customer gets a confirmation email

Barney was amazed to find that he could get this solution for free and set it up right away. Jr. didn’t even help all that much and Barney certainly didn’t need any help looking up which trainers were booked with which clients on which days! And he could keep right on doing what he did best — training and inspiring others to train.

Jr. has already built him a similar workflow to simplify every other aspect of his office chores including an online squash court booking system! In fact, his business partners are so impressed that they’ve got Jr. building workflows to simplify their work as well … looks like Jr. is going to pay his own college fees this year!

If you need “Personal training bookings simplified!” then copy this workflow solution directly into your Kotive account and get started for free.

Personal trainer sign-up
Build up your personal training service by managing the process, from requesting a trainer through to the booking of training sessions.

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The workflow is automatically copied into your account when you select it. Want to make one or two changes to fit your situation better? No problem!

Written by  Stephen Bankart