Include and use predefined options (misc)

Predefined options are used as an alternative to typing your own options for radiobutton, checkbox and select (dropdown) fields.

There are 2 types of predefined options you can include:

Dynamic information from within KotiveMiscellaneous
Organizations/teamsDays of the week
RolesMonths of the year
Countries with code

How to add a list of countries as predefined options in a select (dropdown) field

Note: All the other miscellaneous options, such as salutations, days of the week, months of the year, timezones, countries with country code, satisfaction and importance, work in exactly the same way as the ‘countries’ example and can be added as options in radiobutton, checkbox and select (dropdown) fields.

  1. Within an existing form, click the “Add a new field” button. Select ‘Select (dropdown)’ as the type of field. Give the field a label.

  2. Instead of typing in custom options, click the ‘Switch to predefined options’ button.

  3. Select ‘Countries’ under ‘Miscellaneous’.

  4. Tick if this is a required field. Fill in any help text that will assist the end-user when filling-in your form. Done.

  5. In the Designer the ‘Your country’ select (dropdown) field now shows a text description of what will be displayed in the form when a person views it.

  6. When using the workflow, a list of countries will be shown in a select (dropdown).

Next: learn how to add other predefined options such as people, organizations/teams and roles to your workflows.