Include and use predefined options (roles)

Predefined options are used as an alternative to typing your own options for radiobutton, checkbox and select (dropdown) fields.

There are 2 types of predefined options you can include:

Dynamic information from within KotiveMiscellaneous
Organizations/teamsDays of the week
RolesMonths of the year
Countries with code

How to add a list of roles as predefined options in checkboxes

This Workflow App’s roles will be displayed. Learn how to add and manage roles.

  1. Within an existing form, click the “Add a new field” button. Select ‘Checkboxes’ as the type of field. Give the field a label.

  2. Instead of typing in custom options, click the ‘Switch to predefined options’ button.

  3. Select ‘Roles’ from ‘within the current organization/team, show…’

  4. Tick if this is a required field. Fill in any help text that will assist the end-user when filling-in your form. Done.

  5. In the Designer the ‘Select a role’ checkbox field now shows a text description of what will be displayed in the form when a person views it.

  6. When using the workflow, a list of the Workflow App’s roles will be shown as checkboxes.

Next: learn how to add other predefined options such as people, organizations/teams and miscellaneous options to your workflows.