Pre-schooler evaluation

A visual example of the workflow

During the two weeks before the half-year holidays, the teacher evaluates the progress of all pre-schoolers in her class.

An evaluation workflow is started for each child. The seven different assessment areas are clustered into seven different sequential tasks.

In the Designer, when the workflow was designed, the statements to be evaluated within each task was designed with three different radio buttons namely “Good”, “Need encouragement” and “Need a lot of practice”. Many different statements are designed within each task but each has the same three radio button options. Use the “clone this field” button when you create multiple fields that are similar. In the example, the field “Swing on own” was copied and the field label can now be changed.

Back in the workflow the teacher may plan to evaluate only one task per day and continue the evaluation the next day. The sequence of the different assessments is determined by the flow of tasks.

The second last task assimilates the data from each assessment task for the specific child.

The teacher reviews and adds concluding comments before the final report is emailed to the parents.