Hire an employee

A visual example of the workflow

“Hire an employee” is one of the workflows within the Human Resources (HR) workflow app. All team leaders and management are registered users within this App.

A team leader logs in and requests an additional human resource and motivates his request.

The HR department is notified of this request.

They create a job description and remuneration package based on the team leader’s need and motivation.

The team leader reviews the job description.

The company’s management is asked to review the new job description and remuneration package.

The HR department is informed of the decision of management. If its was approved, HR would advertise the new job on the intranet and various job websites (these actions are outside of the workflow).

Applicants will be interviewed and a shortlist of applicants is then uploaded in the workflow. The input fields were created when the workflow was first design.

The final interview is conducted with these candidates (again these actions are outside of the workflow).

The appropriate applicant is selected within the workflow and both the applicant and team leader are notified. In the Designer the “Choose new employee” task was designed to pull-in the first names of the three candidates on the shortlist.