Request for leave

A visual and interactive example of the workflow

“Request for leave” is one of the workflows within the Human Resources (HR) workflow app.

An employee is a registered user within this App. He applies for leave.

The manager is notified of the request and reviews it. She deems that a contingency plan is needed as it will be during a critical time period for the company and the employee plays a key role.

If she has chosen “Yes” for the field “A contingency plan is needed” then the conditions for the sub-workflow “Contingency plan” are met and the sub-workflow is activated.

The first task in the sub-workflow notifies the employee that he needs to complete a contingency plan as part of the company’s risk management strategy. He is directed through the rest of the sub-workflow.

On completion, the manager is notifed to assess the contingency plan. If accepted, the main workflow is continued and the Human Resource department is notify that the manager has approved the employee’s leave.