Crowdsourcing translation

A visual and interactive example of the workflow

A non-profit organization translates children’s literature into native languages. In response to advertisements placed by the NPO, prospective translators provide them with their contact details.

The admin staff of the NPO makes use of the “Crowdsourcing Translation” workflow to administrate the process.

In the first task a section of the literature to be translated is assigned to a specific translator.

A notification email is sent to the translator. She clicks on the link and is directed to the first task. She indicates whether she had previously completed the translator training.

Based on the sub-workflow’s conditions, if the field “Have done training on translation principles” IS “No” then the sub-workflow is activated. (Learn how to set conditions for sub-workflows).

If “Yes” then the next task “Present work” in the main workflow is activated and the translator receives the literature portion to be translated.

If “No” then the sub-workflow “Training” is activated. She is taken through the three different training tasks. On completion of the sub-workflow she is taken back into the main workflow and the task “Present work” is activated. She receives the portion of literature to be translated.

After she has completed translating the material, she submits her work.

The admin staff is notified of the submission and an evaluator is assigned to assess the work.

The evaluator then evaluates the work.


The "Evaluation translation" task has been designed to pull-in the original text from the "Assign work" task and the translated text from the "Submit translation" task by using dynamic field tags to set the predefined value.

The evaluator recommends one of three options, namely: “Approved”, “Approved with extra training” or “Rejected.

Should the evaluator select either “Approved with extra training” or “Rejected”, the translator would be taken through the second sub-workflow, namely “Follow-up training”.

The conditions set in the Designer for the sub-workflow: