Mr and Mrs Jones took their triplets, Alex, Britney and Chad on a two-month-long world tour to visit their long-lost relatives in northern Greenland, Timbuktu and Mongolia.

Fortunately the children took most of their school books with them and didn’t fall too far behind their classmates.

Unfortunately they lost their math book on the flight to Mali.

Fortunately Mr Jones was able to request a math tutor on the school’s website whilst they were in Greenland. After they got back home, an experienced, school-assigned tutor, Mr Zanders came to the house for their first tutor session.

Mr and Mrs Jones couldn’t help themselves — they just had to listen in from the next room during that first session. And they were delighted to hear how well the children were picking up the concepts. They were giving sensible answers when quizzed on what they’d just learned!

In their previous school, the children had also needed extra help in trigonometry, but after their first tutoring session, when asked how it went, they all stared blankly … “Trigger-who?”. That tutor may have done math in high school but would have been better suited tutoring Phys-Ed than “Trigger-who”. What the old school needed is what this new school had:

A Tutor Feedback system in which:

  • the parents can comment on the standard of tutoring;
  • the tutor gets useful feedback which he can use to hone his skills;
  • and the school can build a list of tried-and-tested tutors who can be trusted to get those grades back to where they’re supposed to be.

…an automated system that requires minimal input and gives back a wealth of information…

Review feedback form
Review feedback form

In the email Mr Jones received from the school confirming that Mr Zanders would tutor his children that afternoon, there was a link to a Feedback Form. He taps the link on his smartphone and the form opens up in his browser. He fills in a few details and ticks off a few ‘Yes/No’ answers to standard questions about the tutor’s performance. There’s plenty of space for ‘Any other comments?’ in case Mr Jones needs to elaborate. That done, he hits ‘Save’ which automatically sends the information to the school’s administrator.

Back at the school office, the administrator sips on her cup of coffee, opens the feedback email and clicks the link at the bottom. It opens a window which gives her Mr Jones’ feedback in a simple format. She reviews the feedback and decides what action to initiate. Depending on her choice of response, the system emails the tutor. Mr Zanders gets a well-deserved pat on the back and the school can safely assign him further math students.

The benefits

  1. School tutorship standards are maintained through the systematic monitoring of tutors.
  2. Tutors are encouraged by positive feedback and have the opportunity to learn from poor feedback and improve their tutoring skills.
  3. Students’ grades improve as they are tutored by proven tutors.

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Tutor feedback
Give parents the opportunity to review their child's tutor, and act on the feedback to ensure excellent tutoring assistance.

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Written by  Stephen Bankart