Most of your students are doing great in class, but Alan, Billy and Clara are falling behind because of a broken bone or the latest bout of flu. End-of-year exams are looming and these students need to catch up before it’s too late!

Your regular schedule is already packed and after-school hours are filled with extra-murals. Somehow you’re supposed to find a tutor, have him check his schedule and confirm a tutoring date when he can actually sit down with Alan, Billy and Clara to get them up to speed in arithmetic, biology and calculus!

You need a solution that will keep its eye on the ball and ensure that all your students are prepared for those end-of-year exams…

Here it is — an electronic, cross-platform system that requires only that the student’s relevant information is entered once! It then automatically and reliably follows through the various processes: The school administrator is notified by email, chooses a suitable tutor who receives all the relevant information by email and checks his/her calendar for open tutoring dates. The tutor responds to a simple form by entering dates and times for tutoring slots. This sends an email to the parents who choose a suitable appointment and the tutor receives feedback. If none of the supplied dates are suitable, the system prompts the tutor and parent to liaise — and it doesn’t let go until the tutor confirms that a tutoring date has been set. At any point, you and the school administrator can look in and see whether a tutoring appointment has been set and if so, when it’s been set for! How awesome is that?!

New tutor request email
New tutor request email

You say: “Yes, but that kind of system is expensive to set up! And our school can’t afford the IT staff who could service and maintain it…”

But this solution has already been set up and it doesn’t require highly nerdified technical knowledge… in fact you can clone it directly into your Kotive account for free.

Tutor request
Assign tutors to the students who need help and schedule appointments for them.

Learn more in our step-by-step guide →

The workflow is automatically copied into your account when you select it. Want to make one or two changes to fit your situation better? No problem!

Written by  Stephen Bankart