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How to manage new club members in a book club →

“Right everybody, that’s today’s meeting done. Enjoy reading the new book, and I’ll see you all next month!”

After about ten minutes of chit-chat and goodbyes, everybody slowly makes their way home. This is your seventh monthly get-together for the book club so far, and you’re amazed at how quickly the number of club members has grown. Starting with three members, including yourself, it’s something of a shock that there were over twenty club members today.

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How to ease out the management of property maintenance issues →

As an owner of several properties you are renting out, you may already make use of the tenant management workflow to manage tenants and collect monthly rent from them.

The next administrative burden you would like to optimize is the reporting of and repair of property maintenance issues.

The property maintenance workflow is just the solution you need. You have a online form on your website, Wordpress website or Facebook page. Your tenants can go to this page at any time, day or night, and report an issue. Should the geyser burst at one o’clock in the morning you do not have to be woken up by a call from a traumatized lessee anymore.

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Xenoglosso phobia - the fear of foreign languages →

Tess is the assistant to the publications manager at ‘Dystychiphobia’, the new corporately funded non-profit organization which aims to reduce phobia related accidents globally … you know, the kind where a musophobe mistakes a child’s toy car for a mouse as it rolls under the display cabinet, jumps onto a bar stool, loses balance and falls off twisting an ankle and smashing a (generously insured) Fabergé egg.

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Online Ordering Done to a T →

Wake up at six — Eat breakfast — Brush your teeth — Shower — Dress — Drive — Work — Drive — Eat supper — Go to sleep — Wake up at six…

Sick of the repetitive schedule, day after day, month after month, Denver decided that he’d had enough. After handing in his resignation and making a vow never to be somebody else’s employee ever again, he started putting a plan into action.

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Get your workshop out of Granny Gear →

If he could have it his way, William would spend all day in his workshop. Whether he’s designing a brand new bicycle, or repainting and outfitting an older bike to give it a new look and feel, there’s nothing that makes Will happier than building interesting, unique bikes.

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One easy way to improve rent collection →

Dora remembers when she started out in the ‘landlady’ business. It stretched the salary she was making nearly to breaking point when she invested in her first flat, fixed it up, decorated it and then advertised it for rental.

She met each prospective tenant personally, then whittled the list down to three or four possible candidates. She rang each and every one of their references and waited for the results from the credit check service. The winning candidate signed his rental contract, paid his deposit (oh happy day!) and was welcomed at the flat on his move-in date with a bottle of bubbly and a beautiful card.

Nearing the end of the tenant’s first month in the flat, she wrote him a sweet email just to check he was nicely settled in. Her signature file included a heart-warming quote and, in a very small font size, a little reminder that rent was now due — and her bank details.

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Keep the rubber on the road →

It’s the first day of spring, clear blue skies and lovely warm weather. Life is blossoming everywhere as the people are out and about enjoying the sun.

Rodney, on the other hand, who owns an ever-popular bike shop, is running around trying to keep track of all the bikes coming in and going out of his shop. With the arrival of spring, people have been streaming into his shop for bike repairs and general maintenance.

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