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Leapfrog into butter →

When contemplating the birth of a new business the burning question on your mind should be:

“Am I planning to enter a growing or a dying market?”

Brad Rosser in ‘Better Stronger Faster’

It is easier to make money in a market that is large and growing than in a market that is stagnant, declining or small.

When starting a new business you want to maneuver all the advantage you can get. You know there is going to be challenging times ahead – but as far as possible you want to stack the deck in your favor.

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Strengthen your 'church welcome' strategy for new visitors →

If you are the person responsible to implement the “church welcome” strategy for new visitors, or maybe you’re in charge of church administration, then you probably have some sort of system in place to collect names, telephone numbers and other information from first-time visitors each week…

Maybe, during the announcements, you ask if anyone is visiting for the first time. If you’re really well organised, you probably have a team of people ready to distribute welcome packs to those who raise their hands. And maybe you invite the newcomers to get a free ‘Cappuccino-and-Love-Bomb-Cupcake-Combo’ at the church coffee shop after the service.

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How to quickly get 'leave application' off your to-do list →

Amy stares up into the clouds as a plane flies over the sky scrapers. “I wish it were me on that plane, I could surely do with a holiday. I would go skiing, or take a trip to the beach, maybe something more secluded like the lake house…” Amy’s thoughts are stopped as her phone rings. It’s back to the office, and ironically to a stack of leave applications to review!

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How to manage new club members in a book club →

“Right everybody, that’s today’s meeting done. Enjoy reading the new book, and I’ll see you all next month!”

After about ten minutes of chit-chat and goodbyes, everybody slowly makes their way home. This is your seventh monthly get-together for the book club so far, and you’re amazed at how quickly the number of club members has grown. Starting with three members, including yourself, it’s something of a shock that there were over twenty club members today.

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How to ease out the management of property maintenance issues →

As an owner of several properties you are renting out, you may already make use of the tenant management taskflow to manage tenants and collect monthly rent from them.

The next administrative burden you would like to optimize is the reporting of and repair of property maintenance issues.

The property maintenance taskflow is just the solution you need. You have a online form on your website, Wordpress website or Facebook page. Your tenants can go to this page at any time, day or night, and report an issue. Should the geyser burst at one o’clock in the morning you do not have to be woken up by a call from a traumatized lessee anymore.

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Xenoglosso phobia - the fear of foreign languages →

Tess is the assistant to the publications manager at ‘Dystychiphobia’, the new corporately funded non-profit organization which aims to reduce phobia related accidents globally … you know, the kind where a musophobe mistakes a child’s toy car for a mouse as it rolls under the display cabinet, jumps onto a bar stool, loses balance and falls off twisting an ankle and smashing a (generously insured) Fabergé egg.

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Online Ordering Done to a T →

Wake up at six — Eat breakfast — Brush your teeth — Shower — Dress — Drive — Work — Drive — Eat supper — Go to sleep — Wake up at six…

Sick of the repetitive schedule, day after day, month after month, Denver decided that he’d had enough. After handing in his resignation and making a vow never to be somebody else’s employee ever again, he started putting a plan into action.

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