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How to write effective emails: a comprehensive guide with 45+ email writing tips →

Do you sometimes get the uneasy feeling that sending out emails is like "shouting into the wind"?

You have a valuable message that you need to get across and you know people might benefit from it, but how can you be sure that your message hit the mark without having the advantage of making eye contact or seeing their body language?

Not really interested in shouting more and louder just for the sake of shouting? Then this guide might interest you.

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Manual task retries →

Update: Kotive now automatically retries failed tasks in workflows.

We’re all working smarter by letting technology take care of our repetitive tasks, but sometimes things still go wrong.

The service for sending your emails might be down, there might be a problem with the template you use for generating PDFs, or perhaps you made a typo in your automated task’s setup.

If any task in your workflow failed, you’ll see a “Retry?” link instead of the usual link to “Continue” in the “Live Workflows” view.

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How easy can it be to create a new staff position? →

A busy record label is working on tight deadlines for their album releases. Daniel, the team leader in the Design Department, realizes the need for another Graphic Designer - album covers and promotional material piles are building up. He needs a new employee with the right qualifications, fast! The challenge is to get the right person for the job as soon as possible.

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29 of the best affordable tools for improving business operations →

When you’re running a business, it’s not uncommon for things to get forgotten, lost in your inbox, and eventually done late and out of order. How often have you had to apologize to a customer for delivering after the deadline? And how many times has a job been completed, only for you to realize that the deposit hasn’t even been paid yet?

These problems slow down your business operations, lowering your overall productivity and your monthly turnover.

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An easy alternative for improved preschool assessments →

As a preschool teacher you are in the fortunate position to be entrusted by parents with the wellbeing and development for their child. The time you spend with each child, accomodating individual personalities, backgrounds and different levels of development, has an impact on their future and who they are. With 10 or more children in your class it is apparent that you need resources to help you stay focussed. In this context we believe that preschool assessment should not take you away from this important focus but should rather contribute to it.

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An expense claim tool for a vibrant team on the move →

It can be tricky to manage expense claims, when your team is on the road all day, seeing customer after customer, arriving home late and then getting back on the road early the next morning, with hardly any time to get to the office. Before you know it, it is month-end and all the expenses incurred during the month need to be submitted to the financial department before the end of the day.

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How to find new business opportunities →

Entrepreneurs are brilliant at spotting opportunities that previously went unnoticed. They show alertness to potential opportunities that their peers would decline and walk away from.

A serial entrepreneur once commented that 70% of all business opportunities have not yet been discovered. There is an ocean of opportunities all around us, yet we often battle to find new business opportunities; this is the conundrum that we’ll address in this post.

A recipe or blueprint for finding new opportunities does not exist.

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Leapfrog into butter →

When contemplating the birth of a new business the burning question on your mind should be:

“Am I planning to enter a growing or a dying market?”

Brad Rosser in ‘Better Stronger Faster’

It is easier to make money in a market that is large and growing than in a market that is stagnant, declining or small.

When starting a new business you want to maneuver all the advantage you can get. You know there is going to be challenging times ahead – but as far as possible you want to stack the deck in your favor.

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