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Making HR easy →

Nobody can honestly tell you that being the ‘HR person’ is a walk in the park — even in park management.

Joanne has worked in HR for a few years now, and she’s good at it. However, there is one recurring ritual that she always dreads having to deal with.

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Long lists of short supplies →

“Good morning! Do you have any idea when those A4 notebooks will arrive? I think I ordered them quite a while ago… And I really need them before the end of the week. Thanks! -Jo”

Uh oh. Now you remember. You received an email from Jo about two weeks ago asking for twenty notebooks, and you were so swamped with work on the day that you completely forgot to put the order in with the supplier. They take AT LEAST four days to deliver, and now Jo will have to wait even longer.

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Solution for workshop registrations →

A skills development company is organizing a workshop. They want people to be able to register for their workshop online and they want to motivate people to pay in advance for the workshop. This will help them prevent a bottleneck on the day of registration and people who paid are less likely to cancel on the day.

This is a process with mundane tasks that can lock-up the capacity of the company’s employees. More registrations for the workshop put more pressure on the employees. This may escalate to a situation where casual workers need to be employed to help.

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On mowing lawns and cutting cheques →

Sarah* has run a garden service for the past eight years. Her priority is to provide work for the poorest of the poor. Over the years she has trimmed her personnel to a core group of workers who are reliable and enthusiastic. They are more like family than employees. And in the winter months when work is scarce, they all tighten their belts, surviving, with the promise of abundance come spring.

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Close more leads with multi-step workflows in Wordpress →

When generating leads from your Wordpress site, you will have a better chance of closing more leads and making more sales if you understand your potential customer better.

Extra information can help you qualify each lead but that means you need to display more fields to the person, and they need to fill in those fields.

Nobody likes filling in long forms and you can be sure that you will lose a chunk of your potential leads as soon as they set eyes on a longish form like the one below.

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Infographic: Leapfrog into butter →

As an entrepreneur you want to give your new business the best possible start on the road to success. One way is to make sure you enter a growing market.

Software-as-a-Service is such a market and we believe ​that you do not ​necessarily need technical and/or programming knowledge to leapfrog into this market.

Click on the infographic below to view the high-res version…

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<a href="">
  <img src="" alt="Give your new business the best possible start by entering a growing market" width="300" height="935" border="0"/>
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