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Use Mandrill and Sparkpost to send transactional emails from your business email address →

The integration of Kotive with both Mandrill and Sparkpost gives you the option to use one of these email service providers to send personalized transactional emails that contain your business’ branding and ‘from’ email address.

Transactional email notifications can range from confirmation emails sent after placing an order, welcoming a new member, confirming registration, giving notice of cancellation, or any other kind of email that is part of your workflow. And it can contain your unique branding.

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Populate your Google Sheet automatically from your workflow →

We have integrated Kotive with Google sheets. You can now gather information using various tasks within your workflow, and then add this information automatically as a new row to your existing Google Sheet.

This is especially valuable if you later want to apply formulas to your data or create meaningful charts and graphs to present at your monthly management review meeting!

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How to become a workflow solution provider and make money →

People reading Leapfrog into butter have approached us with practical questions on how to go about achieving what we’ve proposed in the mentioned post, namely:

“…with little up-front investment and in a surprisingly short amount of time you can tap into the revenues of one of the most exciting and growing global markets… you can definitely get rich. And yes, even sooner than you may think…”

We have compiled a few Q&A’s we think might help you get the ball rolling.

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The psychology of online registrations for professional development →

If you have ever had to deal with large scale registration for any continuous professional development (CPD) in-person training, seminar or workshop events, you know how easily it can get out of hand. Especially without a solid system for capturing the registrants’ data. You could try and get through it using Google’s multitude of useful tools, but hopping between forms, sheets, emails, and back again makes for a very messy registration.

Update: Looking for online teaching tools to help you provide quality online training to your professional clients? Have a look at Kotive Learn - it is an online teaching toolbox that takes care of enrollment, receiving payment for your course, providing students access to rich learning experiences, evaluating their progress, auto-issuing certificates and remarketing.

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How to fluently deal with an employee exit →

The stark reality of any business is that employees come and go. They resign for various reasons, from better job opportunities to moving because of family reasons, and sometimes the grass is just greener somewhere else. How your company handles this transition is the important part.

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How to write effective emails: a comprehensive guide with 45+ email writing tips →

Do you sometimes get the uneasy feeling that sending out emails is like "shouting into the wind"?

You have a valuable message that you need to get across and you know people might benefit from it, but how can you be sure that your message hit the mark without having the advantage of making eye contact or seeing their body language?

Not really interested in shouting more and louder just for the sake of shouting? Then this guide might interest you.

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