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One easy way to improve rent collection →

Dora remembers when she started out in the ‘landlady’ business. It stretched the salary she was making nearly to breaking point when she invested in her first flat, fixed it up, decorated it and then advertised it for rental.

She met each prospective tenant personally, then whittled the list down to three or four possible candidates. She rang each and every one of their references and waited for the results from the credit check service. The winning candidate signed his rental contract, paid his deposit (oh happy day!) and was welcomed at the flat on his move-in date with a bottle of bubbly and a beautiful card.

Nearing the end of the tenant’s first month in the flat, she wrote him a sweet email just to check he was nicely settled in. Her signature file included a heart-warming quote and, in a very small font size, a little reminder that rent was now due — and her bank details.

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Keep the rubber on the road →

It’s the first day of spring, clear blue skies and lovely warm weather. Life is blossoming everywhere as the people are out and about enjoying the sun.

Rodney, on the other hand, who owns an ever-popular bike shop, is running around trying to keep track of all the bikes coming in and going out of his shop. With the arrival of spring, people have been streaming into his shop for bike repairs and general maintenance.

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Fed-up with fumbling your clients’ feedback? →

Joan Parker is part of the marketing team for a big electronics brand. Part of her job is digging up feedback from her company’s client-base. Being a well-established company means that they are fairly set in their ways — client surveys were, and still are, trudged through with ye olde pen and paper method. Just like at the DMV or doctor’s office, nobody wants to fill out pages of documents, and on top of that, Joan doesn’t like filing all of those documents either. Never mind the fact that somebody needs to manually capture the data from each form, which costs time and money.

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Download workflow fields to csv →

You can now export and download a csv file that contains your workflow’s fields from within the ‘Live Workflows’ section.

How? Choose the columns/fields you want to export, then click the ‘Download’ button at the top-right of the page for the download to start. Only the fields you’re currently seeing in the table will be included in your downloaded file.

Click on the green 'Download' button to download the workflow fields into a .csv file
Click on the green 'Download' button to download the workflow fields into a .csv file

Next, you can import the file into Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or Apple Numbers.

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b'Arnie's bootcamp →

Barney spent a lot of time at the gym. He was trim, he was fit and he was serious about staying that way. And that made him a great advert for b’Arnie’s Bootcamp, a public fitness training establishment that he’d set up a few years ago. There were lots of people wanting to firm up and enjoy a healthier life in a leaner body and b’Arnie’s was popular.

His website was doing quite well and he had a great following on various social media platforms — the gym was a hive of activity. That was great because the subscriptions were covering costs, but Barney needed to expand with squash courts and a pool in order to stay ahead of his competition. Subscriptions alone weren’t going to cover those cost. So he spoke with his business partners who did a little research and the top solution popped up: Build up your personal training service!

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Finch’s math dilemma →

Good morning class, I am Professor Finch. Take your seats as we explore the wondrous world of mathematics.

Professor Finch is a mathematical professor and is passionate about teaching the secrets of maths to young and curious minds. But he has to wonder if his way of teaching is understandable to the many promising students who attend his lectures. Is there an area in which he needs to improve? Is he using enough examples?

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Better tutors equal better students →

Mr and Mrs Jones took their triplets, Alex, Britney and Chad on a two-month-long world tour to visit their long-lost relatives in northern Greenland, Timbuktu and Mongolia.

Fortunately the children took most of their school books with them and didn’t fall too far behind their classmates.

Unfortunately they lost their math book on the flight to Mali.

Fortunately Mr Jones was able to request a math tutor on the school’s website whilst they were in Greenland. After they got back home, an experienced, school-assigned tutor, Mr Zanders came to the house for their first tutor session.

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Billy is battling in Biology! →

Most of your students are doing great in class, but Alan, Billy and Clara are falling behind because of a broken bone or the latest bout of flu. End-of-year exams are looming and these students need to catch up before it’s too late!

Your regular schedule is already packed and after-school hours are filled with extra-murals. Somehow you’re supposed to find a tutor, have him check his schedule and confirm a tutoring date when he can actually sit down with Alan, Billy and Clara to get them up to speed in arithmetic, biology and calculus!

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Have you tried turning it off and on again? →

“Hello, this is IT.”

“Hi IT, I have a problem with my computer.”

“Have you tried turning it off and on again?”

“Yes, I have, but it’s still not working.”

“Ok, will send someone out to come and have a look.”

“Please send someone urgently, I have a deadline and still so much to do.”

“Will do.”


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